Authority Monitoring Report (AMR)

The Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) forms part of the Local Plan.

The requirement for a local authority to produce an Authority Monitoring Report is set out in Section 113 of the Localism Act 2011.

The Act requires every authority to produce a series of reports containing information on the implementation of the Local Development Scheme, the progress and effectiveness of the Local Plan, and the extent to which the planning policies set out in the Local Plan documents are being achieved.

The AMR is made up of a series of downloadable documents which will be updated at least annually as and when information becomes available.

Authority Monitoring Report: topics

Topic What's in it?
Local Development Scheme Our progress in meeting the timetable set out in the LDS is reviewed annually and updated when new development plan documents are being prepared.

Delivery of housing, performance against the borough housing target, the housing trajectory and five year supply of deliverable sites.

Industry, employment and retail policy performance

Monitoring of industry, employment and retail policies.  Includes the non-residential development reports.

Sustainable design and development policy performance

Monitoring of sustainable design and development policies including transportation, open space, environmental quality, design and low carbon development.


Community services and the provision of infrastructure

Monitoring of community services and the provision of infrastructure policies. Includes the Infrastructure Delivery Schedule.

More information

For enquiries relating to Wandsworth's series of Authority Monitoring Reports, please contact the Information Team.