Supplementary Planning Documents and Guidance

We have prepared a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs), which are non-statutory documents that provide further guidance on how policies or proposals set out in the adopted Local Plan Documents will be implemented. SPDs replaced what was known as Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPGs) in 2004, however our adopted SPGs remain material considerations in planning decisions.

Preparing the Clapham Junction urban heart masterplan

We are working with partners to develop a masterplan SPD for Clapham Junction station and the surrounding urban area.

This masterplan will be a document and policy guide which shapes our collective vision of how the area will look in the future. Using the knowledge and input of communities, the masterplan will help guide decisions on future land use development in the area to ensure it delivers the best outcomes for Clapham Junction. This area of focus is identified in the Local Plan (2023-2038) as the Area Strategy for Clapham Junction and York Road/Winstanley Regeneration Area.

Publication of the Wandsworth Town Framework for Delivery 2022

To support our Inclusive Growth recovery plan, we have produced the Wandsworth Town Framework for Delivery 2022. The purpose of the Framework is to maximise the potential that exists in Wandsworth Town and its surrounding area to thrive. The Framework identifies positive actions that can be taken to support the council’s overarching objectives, Wandle Delta SPD and emerging Wandsworth Local Plan.

The Framework is intended to act as a guide for focusing resources and, where appropriate, investment by the Council and its partners to bring forward actions that are complementary to, and will help to maximise the benefits of, new development. This includes identifying where a more strategic approach is needed to support the achievement of site-specific requirements which will be of benefit to the Town Centre and surrounding area.

Adoption of the Wandle Delta Masterplan SPD 2021

The Wandle Delta Masterplan SPD was adopted on 28 September 2021 (Adoption Statement). The SPD identifies how best to take forward the comprehensive redevelopment of a number of sites, lying to the north of Wandsworth Town Centre and south of the River Thames. It provides guidance and enables co-ordination between the individual sites; facilitating high quality place-making while protecting and enhancing the role of the River Wandle. It is a material consideration when assessing planning applications within the borough.

A public consultation on the draft Wandle Delta Masterplan SPD was held from 15 February to 21 March 2021.

Adoption of the Planning Obligations SPD 2020

The Planning Obligations SPD was adopted on 2 October 2020. This document sets out our policies and procedures for securing site-specific Section 106 developer contributions alongside the Borough’s CIL. It is a material consideration when assessing planning applications within the borough, and replaces the previous Planning Obligations SPD, which was adopted in March 2015.

A public consultation on the draft Planning Obligations SPD was held from 31 January to 28 February 2020.  View more information on the consultation on  the Planning Policy Consultation webpage.

Adopted SPDs

Supplementary Planning Guidance 

We have produced a Population Yield Calculator which can be used by developers to assess the number of residents expected to result from proposed new development. This assists in the negotiation of planning obligations.

We have also provided further non-legal guidance on planning and other matters relating to basement extensions, which refers to the guidance given in the Housing SPD. The Planning Portal website provides the most up-to-date information on permitted development rights including an interactive householder guide.

We have produced the Wandsworth Town Framework For Delivery 2022. The Framework identifies positive actions that can be taken to support the council’s overarching objectives, Wandle Delta SPD and emerging Wandsworth Local Plan.

Adopted supplementary planning guidance