Planning policy consultations

The Planning Service undertakes regular consultation on the development of its Local Plan and related policy documents.

Consultation on Wandsworth’s Draft Local Plan

We recently consulted on the second draft of the new Local Plan, referred to as the 'Publication' version. The Local Plan outlines a vision and spatial strategy to guide the development of the borough from 2023, when the plan is anticipated to be adopted, to 2038. It sets out key objectives for the borough, which are supported by planning policies, area strategies and (at the smallest scale) detailed guidance for the development of specific sites.  Collectively, these identify where development should be targeted and set out how the borough’s neighbourhoods and places will change over the next 15 years.

The consultation ran from Monday 10 January to Monday 28 February 2022. At this stage of the plan-making process, in accordance with national guidance, the consultation focussed on the Draft Local Plan's legal and procedural compliance and the 'soundness' of the plan.

To view the draft Local Plan, associated documents and evidence, and for more information on how to respond, visit our dedicated Draft Local Plan: Publication version webpage.

Consultation portal

Visit the consultation portal to view previous consultations and responses received.

How to be included in a future consultation

To be included in future consultations on planning policy, please email your details to

Anyone who has previously commented on policy documents will automatically be included in future policy consultations.