The Adopted Local Plan

What is a Local Plan?

The Local Plan is the key planning document for the borough. It sets out a 15-year vision and framework for the future development of the borough, addressing the needs and opportunities in relation to housing, the economy, community facilities and infrastructure. It is sets out how the borough’s natural and historic environments will be conserved and enhanced, outlines a strategy for the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, and sets out principles for creating well designed places.

The Local Plan is the main document that is used for making decisions on planning applications within the borough.

The Adopted Local Plan

Wandsworth’s existing Local Plan consists of several documents that were adopted between 2016 and 2018. It is formed of:

The borough’s policies are supported by different designations. The borough has produced an interactive map (and then click on the ‘Adopted Local Plan (Consolidated 2018)’ layer) which compiles the designations from four Local Plan documents above. The borough has also published the following mapping information:

  • The Policies Map (front and back) (March 2016), which shows the policies and designations from the Core Strategy, the Development Management Policies Document, and the Site Specific Allocations only, and therefore shows some out of date information.
  • The Policies Map Changes Document: Employment and Industry Review (March 2017) shows the changes to the above document that were introduced by the Employment and Industry Document (LPEID).

The London Plan

Wandsworth is one of 32 boroughs in London. The Mayor of London is responsible for producing a planning strategy for the city as a whole, which forms part of the borough’s ‘Development Plan’ alongside the Local Plan. The current London Plan was adopted in March 2015, however the Mayor of London is in the process of producing a New London Plan which is intended to replace it. Please see the Greater London Authority’s ‘The London Plan’ web page for these documents and for more information.

Draft Local Plan: Full Review

The Council is in the process of reviewing the entire Local Plan. This is to ensure that the Local Plan is up to date, and continues to meet the needs of the borough’s residents and visitors. For more information, please view our Draft Local Plan: Full Review web page.



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