How to order paper copies of our planning publications

Our publications are available to download. However, if you want a paper copy there is a charge per document. 

Main charges

These are not subject to VAT. Additional charges for postage and packing may apply if appropriate.

You can order paper copies by emailing

Provide your name, postal address and your email address.

Other charges

Other charges that you should know:

  • GIS Mapping Work (per hour): £146
  • Census/population analysis work (per hour): £146
  • Decision Notice copy: £30
  • Section 106 Agreement copy (dependent on whether colour drawings): £80 to £203
  • Written confirmation that Section 106 clauses have been complied with (per hour): £146
  • Written response to a solicitors enquiry (per hour): £146
  • Research records for solicitors (per hour): £146
  • Tree Preservation Order or Conservation Area Designation copy: £30
  • Request for confirmation of compliance with an Enforcement Notice, Breach of Condition Notice or other similar Notice under the Planning acts: £259
  • Request to withdraw an extant Enforcement notice, Breach of Condition Notice or other similar Notice: £259
  • Planning conditions compliance check: £259

Officer hourly rates: 

  • S106 Monitoring Fee (per hour): £146
  • Travel Plan Monitoring Officer (per hour): £146
  • S278 Agreement Officer (per hour): £146
  • Construction Management Plan Monitoring Officer (per hour): £146 
  • Hourly officer rate outside of those listed above. Rates variable dependent on officer level and experience: £70 - £294