Tell us you are moving

Scam alert

We have received reports of residents being sent bogus text messages offering a Council Tax refund if they follow a link to a web address. Find out more about this scam.

If you have recently moved into or within Wandsworth you will be liable for Council Tax at your new address.

You also need to tell us if you're moving out of Wandsworth.

The earlier you tell us, the more time you will get to pay your bill. It will also stop us from continuing to send letters to the previous occupier.

Allow up to 15 working days for a response.

Tell us if you are moving out of, into or within Wandsworth.

General elections 2019

If you have just moved in to Wandsworth and wish to be registered to vote in time for the general election on Thursday 12 December, you will need to register online via the national government website Register to Vote before midnight on Tuesday 26 November 2019.