About the Year 6 test

Some Wandsworth secondary schools use partial-selection or fair banding as part of their admission criteria. The Year 6 admissions test is designed to provide these schools with the data they need to make offer decisions. The test data is also useful to provide contextual information for Wandsworth primary schools.

All children applying for Ashcroft Technology Academy, Burntwood School, Chestnut Grove Academy or Graveney School must be registered to be invited to take the test.

If your child has an EHCP, they do not have to take the test.

Registration for the Late Test is now closed

Registration for the Late Test closed on 3 November 2023. This was also the last deadline for the return of Extra Time request forms. Forms received after this date cannot be taken into account.

If you registered by the deadline, we will write to you by email with details of where and when your child will take the test. Please note that the test venue will not necessarily be a school you are considering applying to. Invitations will be emailed in the week commencing Monday 13 November 2023.

Test dates

If you registered by 3 November, your child will sit the test at a secondary school on one of the following dates:  Friday 1 December 2023 (Burntwood School), Saturday 9 December 2023 (Graveney School) or Monday 11 December 2023 (Ashcroft Technology Academy). We will email you with details of the date, time and venue in the week commencing Monday 13 November 2023.

Please note that all approved Extra Time applicants will be invited to the test to be held at Ashcroft Technology Academy on Monday 11 December. Extra Time will not be available at the other venues, nor can it be arranged on the day of the test. Only those children whose parents submitted extra time requests by 3 November will be given extra time in the test. 

The Late Test will be the final opportunity to take the Wandsworth Year 6 Test and no further sessions will he held.


Late Test results will be emailed to parents before Christmas.

Find out more about marking and results.


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