Year 6 test marking and results

Customer notice

Owing to the current exceptional circumstances, there is limited telephone access to the Pupil Services Team. For any queries, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All the test papers will be scored by GL Assessment. Using an independent organisation to do all the scoring makes sure that the tests are marked fairly and consistently.

Your child's age will be taken into account in the final test scores.

GL Assessment will only send your child's test scores to the secondary schools for which you have applied. They will also send a copy to Wandsworth Council who will pass on the details to your child's primary school.

The test scores are strictly confidential and will stay for school use only. Schools you have not applied to will only see your child's scores if you apply for a place at a later date.


As the test for 2021 transfer, will exceptionally be held later in December 2020, you will be notified of your child's test results in January 2021. The notification will provide information about:

  • How the test scores are used by the schools
  • Previous years' admissions to selective places
  • Ability bands at Wandsworth schools.

Each school has its own admission criteria. Schools use the test scores in different ways when allocating places, and some do not use them at all.

Further information

A score that results in an offer of a place at one school will not necessary result in an offer at another.