Year 6 test structure

Customer notice

Owing to the current exceptional circumstances, there is limited telephone access to the Pupil Services Team. For any queries, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The test has been specially prepared for Wandsworth by GL Assessment (formerly called NFER-Nelson), an independent organisation which designs and scores educational tests.

Parts of the test

The test will be in two parts, with a short practice session at the beginning and a break between the two parts:

  • Part 1: non-verbal reasoning (55 minutes)
  • Part 2: verbal reasoning (50 minutes) 

Non-verbal reasoning

Non-verbal reasoning questions are designed to test children's ability to work out problems, regardless of their knowledge of English. They use abstract figures to test children's ability to work out similarities and sequences of shapes or codes.

Verbal reasoning questions

Verbal reasoning questions test children's ability to reason with words. They use word games, such as matching words with similar meanings, or using the letters from one word to make another.

For both parts, your child will be given a pre-printed answer sheet to fill in. The answer sheet lists the different possible answers and the child has to put a pencil mark by the side of the correct answer.

The tests are scored by a computer which reads the pencil lines. There is no writing involved.

Extra time

If your child receives SEN support and he/she routinely receive extra time to complete normal classroom activities, they may be eligible to be given extra time when they take the test.

The test has already been designed so that children have to read very little and do no writing at all. Although we are required to consider requests for extra time, national research into this type of test shows that providing extra time does not necessarily have any significant effect on a child's results.

If you wish to request this, and your child attends a Wandsworth primary school, you need to ask the Headteacher for a form. If your child does not attend a Wandsworth primary school, you can contact us. 

You must fill in the form and return it to your child's primary school Headteacher, who must confirm that your child meets the criteria, in order for extra time to be given.