Improved segregated cycle lane to open on Wandsworth Bridge  

Published: Thursday, October 5, 2023

  • Enhances safety measure for cyclists on river crossing.
  • Supports the council’s Future Streets Strategy. 
  • Helps deliver borough’s ambitious climate change targets.

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Cyclists can soon look forward to safer journeys across Wandsworth Bridge with the introduction of a new segregated cycle lane.

The new segregated bike lane will run northbound over the bridge from Wandsworth roundabout to the junction with Carnwath Road in neighbouring Hammersmith and Fulham.

Jenny Yates, Wandsworth’s Cabinet Member for Transport said: “We have seen a big increase in the number of people cycling over Wandsworth Bridge in recent years. It’s important that we implement measures that makes those journeys safer.

“Supporting and encouraging cycling as a means of transport and improving infrastructure for both cyclists and pedestrians are key priorities for the council as part of our Future Streets Strategy.”

The new 2m wide cycle lane is being delivered as part of the repair work at Wandsworth Bridge, which has seen its critical weight bearing parts replaced to ensure the structure remains stable and safe to use over the coming decades. The existing southbound cycle lane is also being retained while a new northbound bus lane is also being introduced.

These changes are set to be introduced later this month under a temporary traffic order while discussions continue with Hammersmith & Fulham Council and also with Transport for London on the introduction of a more comprehensive cycle lane scheme covering a wider area.

The scheme follows on from the successful repair project at Wandsworth Bridge that concluded on Sunday (October 1) which saw some of its critical internal workings replaced on time and on budget.

Its introduction is just one more example of the work being carried out by the council to support cycling – a key element of the town hall’s efforts to improve local air quality.

Other examples include:

Jenny Yates added: “Many journeys in the city are relatively short and we want to support people to make them by bike or on foot if they can.

“Walking and cycling is good for health and wellbeing and helps improve the air we all breathe. That’s why we are working hard to improve our cycling infrastructure to make it easier for people to unlock the benefits of active travel.

“Improving this infrastructure will play a pivotal role in achieving our target for 78 per cent of trips by residents to be by walking, cycling and public transport by 2030.”

For more information about support for cycling in Wandsworth visit

Residents can request a bike hangar for their street via the council’s website

The website also contains information on the Future Streets Strategy as well as how the council is working with partners to tackle climate change, visit