Adaptations and improvements to older and disabled person's homes

Advice about equipment and adaptations is available to all Wandsworth residents from adult social services Home Improvement Agency, who work in partnership with the Occupational Therapy Service.

Paying for equipment and adaptations

If you're having improvement or adaptation works you will need to consider how you are going to pay for it.

This might be from savings, loans, grants or a combinations of these. You may be able to apply for a grant if you are a homeowner and live in Wandsworth.  We offer a range of information about financing improvements and will help you apply for grants, benefits or allowances that you are entitled to claim. However , we do not provide an independent financial service.

Council tenants

Adaptations to council properties rented by a tenant are free.

If you live in a housing association or private rented property contact your landlord. The Home Improvement Agency can liaise with your landlord and help you apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG).

The Occupational Therapy Service will liaise with the council's Home Improvement Agency to arrange the works which will be carried out at no cost to you.

Other tenants and home owners

You can also apply for the Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) if you own your home.

If you are eligible for the grant, you can make your own arrangements or get help from the Home Improvement Agency who offer a free advice service.

If you own your property, we can help you repair or improve your home to bring it up to standard, ensuring that your home is warm, safe and secure.

We can also refer tenants of private landlords to the Private Housing Group for help in getting work done in your home.

We work with Occupational Therapists to provide both minor and major adaptations for:

  • Residents referred by Wandsworth's Occupational Therapy Service, who may be home owners, tenants of Wandsworth Council or tenants of housing associations or private landlords
  • The Council's housing department through the special needs housing team or the temporary accommodation team

We support home owners and tenants of housing associations and private landlords through the process of financing and completing building work by:

  • Making a home visit to discuss what is needed.
  • Providing advice and help to apply for grants from the Council or Government.
  • Providing advice or help to apply for benefits or allowances.
  • Providing information about other ways of financing building work.
  • Helping you to complete application forms.
  • Inspecting the property.
  • Getting specialist building reports or estimates, if needed.
  • Preparing a specification for works with drawings, if needed.
  • Preparing a quote for works including VAT and Agency fees.
  • Applying for Planning Permission, if needed.
  • Making an application for a grant, if available.
  • Appointing and supervising approved contractors.
  • Sorting out any problems that might happen when work is carried out.
  • Checking the work on completion and paying the contractor.

Fees and deposits

We charge a fee when we instruct or supervise contractors, or sometimes when they prepare detailed specifications if you are not eligible for a grant.

This fee, which varies according to the complexity and cost of the scheme, may be included in a grant or loan, if you are eligible.

If you are self-funded, we will ask for a deposit upfront.

Discretionary DFG Policy

The Council has developed a discretionary DFG policy which allows it to help a greater number of older and disabled residents live independently. The policy sets out how the Council may use funding more flexibly to improve accessibility and increase independence.