Report a problem in your property

This form can be used to report an issue of disrepair to your privately rented property.

For issues relating to your housing association property, you need to contact the housing association directly.

Before you start

Check our repair responsibilities page to find out what we can and cannot help with.

You must report any issues of disrepair to your landlord before you contact us. We may ask to see a copy of your letters or emails as well as any responses.

You should notify your landlord in writing that you have reason to complain about the condition of the property as this may give you some protection if the landlord commences eviction proceedings. This is covered in section 33 of the Deregulation Act 2015. If your landlord serves an eviction notice on you before you notify the landlord in writing about problems with the condition of the property, the eviction notice would be valid.

You will need

  • The address of the property you wish to report
  • Details of the problem including photographic evidence, if possible

If you are a tenant, you will also be asked to provide the following information:

  • Details of your tenancy including the type of tenancy and the amount you pay
  • The names of any other occupants
  • Contact details of your landlord/managing agent
  • Copies of any correspondence with your landlord/managing agent if available

Start report

What happens next

We will assess your report within 5 working days (except for emergencies, in which a quicker response will be given). If we need to contact your landlord to require repairs or alterations to be carried out, we will do this as soon as possible after assessing what needs to be done.

We are required by law to inform your landlord before an officer can inspect the property and you are legally obliged to allow your landlord access to the property to carry out repairs subject to appropriate notice being given.