How to report antisocial behaviour

Recording incidents is very important. Events can easily become confused, so recording what happened, who was involved, when, where and how you were affected really helps to show the impact of the problem.

Antisocial behaviour should be reported to the police or your housing provider if you are a tenant with a housing association. If you would like to report antisocial behaviour anonymously, call Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111.


Antisocial behaviour can be reported to the police by dialling 101. Your issue will be dealt with by a police team in your area.

You can also report antisocial behaviour to the police using an online form. If you are in a danger or crime is taking place, always call 999.


If you would like to report antisocial behaviour in parks and open spaces you will need to contact the Parks Police.

Council estates

Talk to your housing provider if you are a tenant with a housing association, your housing officer or adviser can help. For private tenancies your landlord or agent may also be able to assist.

You can report domestic and commercial noise online or calling 020 8871 6127. If you live on a council estate, there is a separate guidance for reporting antisocial behaviour.


Mediation is an effective way of resolving neighbour disputes and tackling antisocial behaviour. It creates a safe environment where people can talk with each other about their disagreement, and find solutions together. This conversation is helped along by two trained mediators who don't take sides.

Mediation is voluntary, completely confidential and highly successful - significant progress is made in most cases during the first meeting. 

Wandsworth Mediation Service is an independent charity (not affiliated with the Council) that offers free community mediation to all Wandsworth residents. Please note that for mediation to happen, everyone involved needs to be happy to take part. 

For more information, email

Community Trigger

If you have reported antisocial behaviour on multiple occasions, but the situation has not improved, you may wish to consider using the Community Trigger.