Wimbledon Stadium CPZ review

In anticipation of the impact this development could have on parking and traffic in the surrounding area, we are introducing new parking and traffic restrictions in the roads close to the stadium and also asking residents and businesses in nearby CPZs whether they would wish to see the operational hours / days of the CPZ increased.  


As you are probably aware, a new 9,300 capacity football stadium for AFC Wimbledon together with some 633 new residential dwellings and commercial space is under construction at Plough Lane, in Merton. The new stadium development is nearing completion and whilst matches are currently being played ‘behind closed doors’ due to the COVID-19 situation, some limited attendances are to be permitted in the future. 

Whilst most football matches will be played on Saturdays or weekday evenings, some could be on Sundays or bank/public holidays. There is also the likelihood that the stadium which includes conference and banqueting facilities, will be used for other events which could require similar traffic management arrangements.  Additionally, there is the potential parking generated by the large number of residential units, all of which could impact on parking availability outside the existing operational hours/days within the above sub-zones.

New waiting restrictions and traffic management measures

Our response to the increased parking and traffic pressures that are expected both during and outside match days are summarised below.

Waiting restrictions

Upgrading of single to double yellow lines are to be implemented in Maskell Road, St Martin’s Way, Riverside Road and Summerstown, including at junctions and certain vehicular entrances.

View the proposed waiting restrictions for this area.

These changes are aimed at improving road safety conditions in the area at all times taking into account any increased traffic volumes during match days at the stadium.  The changes will prevent obstructive parking occurring at these locations ensuring sufficient width for all vehicles, including emergency service vehicles.

Expected implementation: January 2021 via an Experimental Traffic Order and will be monitored over the first six months of operation.  Implementing the changes in this way will provide a period of operational experience and allows for representations to be made during the first six months of operation.

Match day traffic management measures

Below is a summary of the traffic management arrangements to be operated on match-days, which have been developed by the Council, AFC Wimbledon, the Metropolitan Police and other Emergency Services, etc.

  • Summerstown will be one-way in from Plough Lane/No Entry into Summerstown from Garratt Lane
  • Short-term closure of Riverside Road to vehicular traffic
  • Parking suspensions on the south side of Maskell Road to accommodate coach parking by away fans. CPZ parking to be retained for use on the opposite side
  • Away fan coaches to enter the area via St Martins Way and exit via Maskell Road/Garratt Lane road barrier under marshal supervision

These temporary arrangements are likely to operate typically up to 1-2 hours before and after match times to provide safe access and egress and, as necessary, in response to any incidents on match days.  Other temporary traffic management measures may be introduced on certain matches where it is considered necessary.  However, every effort will be made to ensure that disruption in the area is kept to a minimum.

The arrangements will be monitored over the coming months as the stadium settles into normal operation following the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are undertaking a review of the future impact of the stadium development on parking conditions in Earlsfield (L2), Garratt Green (G1) and Tooting Broadway (E1) (part) sub-zones. More information to follow soon.

View area plan

Parking proposals

Given the possible reduction in parking space due to visitors to the stadium along with the occupiers of the new residential/commercial properties and the existing difficulties particularly in those sub-zones that only operate Monday to Friday, we would like your views on the following options:

Extending the CPZ hours/days of operation

  • To tackle parking problems occurring on a regular (daily/weekly) basis when the CPZ operates
  • This could include a match or major event at the stadium, if it takes place during the CPZ operational hours/days (for example, on a Saturday afternoon when most matches take place)
  • The longer the CPZ operates, the more protection it will provide. So a CPZ operating 9.30am to 9.30pm, Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays, is aimed at restricting parking by non-residents throughout the week, to include all matches and major events at the stadium and potential parking associated with the residential development
  • However, restrictions should only apply for as long as they are needed so you may feel that the existing hours/days are adequate or prefer a moderate increase to 9.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday, for example
  • Options include retaining the present operational hours/days or extending them to 6/7 days a week and from 9.30am to 6.30pm or 9.30pm, including/excluding bank holidays

An Event Day Zone

  • An Event Day Zone could also be considered. This would extend the operational hours of the CPZ control but only on days when matches or major events take place at the stadium
  • For example, extending the CPZ operational hours/days to 9.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday and applying an Event Day Zone would seek to address parking demand all year round and cover the 3pm Saturday kick offs. The Event Day Zone would come into operation 9.30am to 9.30pm to cover any events occurring outside of the usual CPZ hours/days, such as a match on a Sunday afternoon or a weekday evening
  • Applying only an Event Day Zone would not address regular parking demand associated with evening/weekend parking from the residential development or the parking difficulties already being experienced during evenings and weekends in many streets. If you experience these problems, you should consider extending the CPZs operational hours/days.

Changes to yellow lines and permit costs

Any extension to the days and hours of operation would also apply to yellow line waiting restrictions, helping to ensure that parking does not occur where it would be unsafe or obstructs vehicular traffic and other users of the highway, such as cyclists and pedestrians. The Council will also be considering other minor changes to the CPZs.

  • Increasing the days/hours of the CPZ will not affect the cost of, or require you to obtain a new, resident (or business) parking permit.
  • Your visitors would be required to display a resident visitor permit or pay and display ticket (or virtual - pay by phone) when parking during any extended CPZ operational days/hours and if an Event Day Zone were to be introduced.

Your views

The consultation is due to open on Wednesday 6 January and close on Sunday 7 February 2021.
Survey will only go live on Wednesday 6 January 2021.

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The results will form part of a report and will be posted here once it has been approved.


For any enquiries, please email WimbledonStadiumReview@wandsworth.gov.uk