Updates to the Electoral Register

The electoral register is updated on the first working day of each month except October and November.

If your application to register to vote has been successful, your name will appear on the next applicable update to the electoral register.

Additional deadlines apply before elections take place. Applications to register to vote must reach us by midnight, 12 working days before an election. If you have been asked to provide evidence of identity, we must receive a copy of this by midnight, 6 working days before an election.

Deadlines and publication dates
Update to the Electoral Register We need to receive your application by... If we ask you to provide evidence of identity, we need to receive it by… The update will be published on...
January update Monday 11 December 2023 Tuesday 19 December 2023 Tuesday 2 January
February update Wednesday 10 January 2024 Thursday 18 January 2024 Thursday 1 February 2024
March update Thursday 8 February 2024 Friday 16 February 2024 Friday 1 March 2024
April update Monday 11 March 2024 Tuesday 19 March 2024 Tuesday 2 April 2024
Election update (for elections held on Thursday 2 May 2024) Tuesday 16 April 2024 Wednesday 24 April 2024 Thursday 25 April 2024
June update Friday 10 May 2024 Monday 20 May 2024 Monday 3 June 2024
July update Friday 7 June 2024 Monday 17 June 2024 Monday 1 July 2024
August update Wednesday 10 July 2024 Thursday 18 July 2024 Thursday 1 August 2024
September update Friday 9 August 2024 Monday 19 August 2024 Monday 2 September 2024

We contact residential addresses every year to check that the electoral register is up to date. This is known as the annual canvass. If you apply during the annual canvass (after the August deadline), your name will be added to the revised register that is due to be published on 1 December.

Please note that the dates above are set in law, so we are unable to fast track applications.

Credit reference agencies

Registered credit reference agencies are entitled to purchase the electoral register and monthly updates. See credit referencing and the electoral register for further information.