Mayor's charities

The charities Councillor Juliana Annan has chosen to support in 2023/24 are the Black Minds Matter project, The Katherine Low Settlement and Keeping Families Together.

Black Minds Matter project

The Black Minds Matter project is supported by the Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network and improves the access, experience and outcomes of children and young people in mental health services.

Racism, discrimination and inequalities impact many of our fellow citizens and neighbours, pushing them to the margins of our communities and creating barriers that limit their abilities to live full lives. This affects us all, weakening our civic morality, and our trust and confidence in each other.

Much of the responsibility for addressing structural inequalities and systemic racism has fallen on our public institutions, who in some cases are responsible for sustaining these fault lines, and therefore are not equipped to bring about the changes that we want to see.

Bringing about a society that is just, equal, fair and anti-racist, is our collective responsibility. The biggest resource that we have to achieve this vision is ourselves. We are the people that we have been waiting for!

The Black Minds Matter project chooses to stand in the space between active citizens and communities and public institutions, facilitating collaborative, coproduced solutions and interventions that address some of our most complex challenges. It's current focus is on tackling health inequalities.

The Katherine Low Settlement

The Katherine Low Settlement supports refugees in the community. A much-loved, busy charity that has been at the heart of the community in Battersea since 1924, it works to reduce poverty and isolation and bring the community together.

The charity's core programmes support older people, children, young people and their families from refugee backgrounds and newly-arrived adults learning English: over 500 people a week visit its building. It campaigns for social change and partners with other charities and communities to help them to thrive in the wider community.

Keeping Families Together

Keeping Families Together is a Wandsworth charity which provides a community and a safe environment to help young people detach themselves from gang culture and keep them in education. It also supports parents with training, workshops, and administration to alleviate loneliness and help families stay together during difficult times.

For families in the Wandsworth social service system, the charity works closely with social services, schools and other professionals, and also with parents, to move the family forward and reduce the risk of social services removing the child. It takes self-referrals from parents as well as Children's Social Services and other charities. This is an early intervention project; the earlier a referral is received, the better the chance of supporting the family to the best of their ability.

The charity also provides support for young people who are about to be excluded from school, including children with autism who may lack the additional support they need. Referrals can be made by parents, a teacher, social services or other charities. Workers go into schools in Wandsworth and carry out group or one-on-one sessions, listening to why young people are having behaviour problems and trying to find the underlining causes. They then work together with the children, school, parents and social services if they are involved, to provide alternative solutions before exclusion.

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