The Mayor of Wandsworth

The Mayor of Wandsworth for 2023/24 is Councillor Juliana Annan

The role of the Mayor

The role of Mayor of Wandsworth is non-political, acting as the civic lead for the borough leading on matters such as chairing of Council meetings, conducting citizenship ceremonies, and meeting foreign dignitaries and royalty. In addition, the Mayor undertakes and supports a wide variety of charitable and fundraising events and the community life in the borough.

Sometimes the Mayor’s Office is sent requests for assistance with operational front-line matters. We regret that we are unable to assist directly with these requests.

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The Mayor

Councillor Juliana Annan is a descendant of West Africa, Ghana. She was elected to the Council in 2022, having joined the Labour Party in 2017.

Amongst other duties Councillor Annan serves on the children's committee and formerly led the SACRE committee. Councillor Annan has also served on the committees for Voluntary Service, Business and Culture, Adult Health, and Licencing, and has previously supported initiatives in the areas of children and education, adult health, and the Grants Committee.

Councillor Annan holds a diploma in Adult Health and Social care and has a passion for working with the elderly and children. She has worked for several agencies at several hospitals, including the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disabilities, St George Hospital, Queen Mary Hospital, Kingston Hospital, and UCLH. She has also worked as an administrator for the children and young people department at University College London Hospital. She is the founder of Agoe Empowerment Network Ltd and the co-founder of Support4Support Community Project Ltd, which assists underprivileged women and families from disadvantaged backgrounds in developing a love of reading and giving out-of-school help during the school holidays.

Councillor Annan attends the River of Life City Church and is a mother of two.

The Mayor will be supported by her consort Victoria Asante.

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Councillor Annan takes over the role from the previous Mayor, Councillor Jeremy Ambache.

The Deputy Mayor

The borough’s Deputy Mayor for the year is Councillor Sana Jafri, an immigration lawyer, human rights activist and community worker.


The charities Councillor Annan will support over the coming year are:

  • The Black Mind Matters project which is supported by the Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network and improves the access, experience and outcomes of children and young people in mental health services
  • The Katherine Low Settlement which supports refugees in the community
  • Keeping Families Together which provides support to families that are struggling with day-to-day issues and creates a safe environment to keep young people away from gang culture an in school

Find out more about these charities and how to make a donation.

Roll of Honour

Every year the Mayor recognises local people who have volunteered their time to help others via the Roll of Honour award and presents them with a special Wandsworth Mayoral pin. 

Invite the Mayor to an event

If you would like the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor to attend your event, you will need to submit a request at least 14 days before the date of the function.

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