Waste and recycling: how are we performing?

Performance measures monitor the quality of services we provide. Results against the main performance measures we use are given in this table.

Waste and recycling performance measures

 Performance indicator  2021/22 value  2022/23 target

% of household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting

 22.9%  23.6%

Kg household waste per head of population (Minimise)

301 295

% of contamination in co-mingled recyclate (Minimise)

 14.1%  13.9%

Reports about non-collection of waste per 100,000 collections (Minimise)

 73 72
Average time taken to clear a reported fly-tip (Minimise)  1 day 1 day
Number of street cleansing reports/requests for service (cumulative in year) (Minimise)  809 793
Net carbon impact of waste collection service (Minimise) (tonnes CO2eq per tonne waste managed) -0.088 -0.048
% of public streets with acceptably low levels of litter and detritus after cleansing 98.4% 98.4%
Number of riverside community clean-up activities supported (cumulative) 5 6
Kg household waste per household (Minimise)
687 647

Our Open Council pages show how Wandsworth's performance compares with other London boroughs.