Electric vehicles

For journeys that cannot be made using public transport or by walking or cycling, we want to encourage residents to use electric vehicles. This forms part of our commitment to tackling the climate emergency.

Why choose an electric vehicle

By driving an electric vehicle rather than a petrol or diesel one you can help play a key role in reducing emission levels and air pollution in your local area. Making the switch to electric will also save you money in running costs.

On-street charging

As the number of electric vehicles in the borough rises, we are working with several providers to increase the availability of local public charging points.

View a map of all public electric vehicle points in Wandsworth and beyond. This is provided by Zapmap and includes free to use and chargeable options, and a wide range of connector types and networks.

Fast charging

Source London and Believ (formerly Liberty Charge) offer fast charging from dedicated on street parking bays on a subscription or pay as you go basis.

Slow charging

Many slow charging points are installed within lamp columns (lampposts). These points are provided for the council by Ubitricity and are managed by Siemens and Ubitricity. More details on how to charge your vehicle using lamp columns are available on Ubitricity's website.

You can report faulty lamp column charging points to Ubitricity by emailing contact@ubitricity.co.uk or calling 0800 024 6279.

User tariffs

Be aware that some EV apps charge a premium to use charging points. Pay-as-you-go rates using a QR code at the charging point may be cheaper.

Parking charges

Parking charges do not apply to vehicles in designated electric vehicle only parking bays when vehicles are plugged into the charging points. Where there is no dedicated bay, users of lamp column charging points should comply with parking arrangements on that street.

Request a charging point near you

We plan new lamp column charging points based on requests received and current gaps in provision.

If you do not have your own off-street parking, you can request a charging point near your home and we will take this into consideration when planning new sites. We install new charging points in phases, with the next phase planned over 2024/5.

We welcome all requests but please note there are several hundred outstanding submissions and it is unlikely every request will be met.

Charging at home

If you already have off-street parking, charging your vehicle at home is the most convenient option. If you own and live in a flat or rent your home you may qualify for a government grant towards the cost of installing your own home charge unit.

If you do not currently have off-street parking, you could apply to install a dropped kerb or 'crossover' to access your property. There are strict criteria to meet, and you may also need to apply for planning permission.

Alternatively, we recommend using on-street charging points near your home where possible.

Use of cables

Running a cable across the pavement to your car may present a hazard or an obstruction to other street users and is not permitted under the Highways Act 1980. You would be liable in the event of any incident caused by a cable, so if you do choose this course of action we advise you to have public liability insurance that specifically covers this situation.

You must ensure your cable is safe and does not cause a trip or electrical hazard. Any cable or cover must be clearly visible to users of the footway, especially during the hours of darkness. We have the right to pursue enforcement action but will not currently consider this a priority where cables are safely positioned and protected.


You may be able to get a discount on the price of brand new low-emission vehicles through a grant the government gives to vehicle dealerships and manufacturers.

We offer discounts on the price of resident and business parking permits for electric vehicles.

Some cars running on cleaner fuels including electricity are eligible for a 100% discount from the London Congestion Charge, and may also receive tax concessions and other rebates.


The government offers an electric vehicle chargepoint grant to help residents buy and install charge points. To qualify for a grant, you will need to:

  • Own and live in a flat, or rent any residential property
  • Show evidence that you have designated, private off-street parking
  • Own an eligible vehicle

The Workplace Charging Scheme provides government grants for businesses and other organisations to install electric vehicle charge points.

Our strategy

Our Electrical Vehicle Charging Strategy was approved by the Transport Committee on 3 November 2022. Read details of the strategy (item 9 on agenda).

An update on proposals was presented to the Transport Committee on 4 July 2023.