Apply for a dropped kerb (crossover)

If you wish to park your car on your property the kerb will have to be lowered and the pavement strengthened in front of the property. Sometimes, it is also necessary for street furniture (lamp posts, man-hole covers etc) to be moved.

You can also request marking across your entrance to highlight the fact there is an entrance and discourage obstructive parking.

Use this form to make an online application for a dropped kerb.

Before you start

Ensure you have read all of our guidance carefully. This includes our supplementary planning document.

Your measurements must be accurate as these will be checked.

If you have received planning permission before applying, the application is still subject to engineering and utilities checks before approval is granted.


You must pay for any works carried out to provide a crossing, plus an application fee of £236.60.

The fixed cost of a standard domestic pavement vehicle access for up to two domestic cars and constructed in grey bricks is £1,753.10. If your proposed pavement vehicle access is within an existing or approved controlled parking zone an additional cost of £1776.90 may be required for alteration to the traffic management order (the legal document which defines, for example, the hours of restrictions on parking and loading and the start and end points for yellow lines and/or parking bays).

Extended accesses may be approved at an additional cost but must comply with our set criteria. 

Crossovers for more than two vehicles or those located in certain areas, e.g. conservation areas, will be subject to a detailed cost estimate.

You will need

  • The measurements and your plan for your dropped kerb
  • Your address details

This process requires you to make a payment.

What happens next

Once we have received your application, we will carry out a site visit to confirm dimensions within four weeks. We will then be able to tell you if your application meets the criteria for approval.

If we approve your application it will be subject to you obtaining planning permission or a Lawful Development Certificate, meanwhile we will carry out relevant checks with public utility companies who own the underground cables and pipes to find out whether their apparatus will be affected. During this period there will be no updates available. However, we may contact you to discuss this further.

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