Apply for a dropped kerb (crossover)

If you wish to park your car on your property the kerb will have to be lowered and the pavement strengthened in front of the property. Sometimes, it is also necessary for street furniture (lamp posts, man-hole covers etc) to be moved.

You can also request marking across your entrance to highlight the fact there is an entrance and discourage obstructive parking.


You must pay for any works carried out to provide a crossing, plus a £233.10 fee to cover administrative costs. 

The fixed cost of a standard domestic pavement vehicle access for up to two domestic cars and constructed in grey bricks is £1,727.20.

Extended accesses may be approved at an additional cost but must comply with our set criteria. 

Crossovers for more than two vehicles or those located in certain areas, e.g. conservation areas, will be subject to a detailed cost estimate.

How to apply

Read the guidance notes carefully.

Download and complete a dropped kerb application form.

Submit the completed form to with your payment.

Make payment

What happens next?

When we receive your application we will carry out a site survey and will let you know in writing within three months if your application has been authorised. You are advised to wait to hear from us before you apply for planning permission or make access in your boundary.