How to use your Taxicard to book a journey

Book a Taxi online.

Call Computer Cabs ComCab on: 020 7763 5001.

What information will I need?

When you make a booking you will need to provide:

  • Your name and Taxicard number
  • The address from which you want the vehicle to pick you up
  • If there are any special pick-up arrangements such as a particular exit from a supermarket or theatre etc (be as precise as you can)
  • The address you want the vehicle to take you to
  • Whether you are a wheelchair user and the type of wheelchair or if you need assistance getting in and out of the vehicle
  • A contact telephone number if you are not at home

It is helpful to give a number if you can so that the operator is able to contact you if there is a problem in getting your vehicle to you. When booking the vehicle, the operator should confirm with you the details of your booking to ensure it has been recorded accurately.

Once you have made your first booking your telephone number will be linked to your Taxicard number. For subsequent bookings Computer Cab will recognise your phone number when you call.