Where you can park with a Blue Badge

The following information is for Wandsworth borough only. Find out where Blue Badge holders can park in other local authorities.

You must not cause an obstruction or danger to pedestrians or other road users, and there are some places that you cannot park.

Disabled bays

There are a number of disabled bays on-street in the borough, where any Blue Badge holder may park. 

Controlled parking

You can park in bays within Controlled Parking Zones without payment and without a time limit, as follows:

  • Resident permit holder only parking bays
  • Business permit holder only parking bays
  • Permit holder only parking bays
  • Shared use (permit holder/pay and display) parking bays

Pay and display

You can park in pay and display, pay by phone and voucher bays without payment or time limit.

Free parking bays

You can park in free parking bays without a time limit.

Yellow lines

Unless there is loading prohibition in force (shown by signs and kerb blips on street), you may park without payment for up to three hours:

  • On single yellow lines (excluding inside Battersea Park)
  • On double yellow lines (excluding inside Battersea Park)
  • In car parks within Battersea Park

You must clearly mark your time of arrival on the Blue Badge.

Restrictions for Blue Badge holders

You cannot park:

  • On a yellow line when loading restrictions apply (marked by yellow 'blips' on the kerb and a sign plate indicating that loading is not permitted)
  • In suspended parking bays (bays where a yellow sign is displayed indicating that parking is suspended)
  • In Doctors parking bays
  • In Electric Vehicle (EV) only bays
  • Where they obstruct access or sight lines for other drivers or pedestrians (e.g. at junctions and next
    to dropped kerbs)
  • On the Red Route (or Transport for London Road Network) unless signs permit it
  • In disabled parking bays reserved for a Blue Badge holder with a specific numbered permit
  • In loading bays
  • In motorcycle bays
  • In car club bays
  • On any yellow lines within Battersea Park

You should not drive or park in a cycle lane.