Draft Local Plan: Pre-Publication version

The Council has produced a first draft of the new Local Plan, which is known as the ‘Pre-Publication’ version. The Local Plan sets out the Council’s strategic vision and objectives to guide the next 15 years of development in the borough, alongside the preferred policies and site allocations to achieve this. It will shape how Wandsworth develops for everyone who lives in, works in and visits our borough.

This draft has been informed by the responses we received on the borough's ‘Issues document’, and by the findings of our updated evidence base, which is published below. It forms the second stage of the full review of the borough's Local Plan.

It is important that the Local Plan reflects the needs of the whole community. We held a public consultation on the ‘Pre-Publication’ Draft Local Plan from 4 January 2021 to 1 March 2021, which was supported by targeted engagement with seldom heard groups. The Planning Policy Team will now analyse and consider all of the responses received as part of this consultation. These will be used to inform the next draft of the Local Plan, commonly known as the ‘Publication’ version. This document will also be made available for consultation, likely to be in the autumn of 2021. Officer responses to the consultation submissions will also be published at this time.

Supporting documents

In addition to the three documents that are being consulted on, there are a number of other legal and background documents that support the draft Local Plan:

Area Strategies

The Draft Local Plan places a greater emphasis on place making and includes a number of place-specific Area Strategies. To accompany the more detailed Plan, we have produced separate summaries for each following areas:

Interactive map

We have produced an interactive map which shows the draft policy designations spatially. In this map, you can toggle various layers on and off by checking the boxes in the legend on the left hand side of the screen. Clicking on the map itself will tell you which draft policies apply in that location.

Evidence base

The ‘Pre-Publication’ Draft Local Plan is informed by a number of evidence base documents, as follows:

These documents and their further detailed appendices, alongside older studies, can also be viewed in our dedicated evidence base. Documents that are marked as draft will be finalised to account for updated information and for comments raised during this consultation, and the finalised versions will be published at the next consultation stage of the full review.


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