Community Infrastructure Levy expenditure

We have a responsibility to make the details of the Community Infrastructure Levy and Section 106 contributions that we have collected and spent publicly available. Find the information in the CIL Income and Expenditure reports below.

Neighbourhood Funds

Under the CIL Regulations the council is required to allocate 15 per cent of CIL to projects that have taken account of the views in the neighbourhoods in which the income was generated. In Wandsworth these funds are referred to as the Wandsworth Local Fund (WLF).

The council has approved the boundaries for CIL neighbourhoods in Wandsworth, which will be used to monitor CIL revenues and in the allocation of The Wandsworth Local Fund in accordance with the wishes of the neighbourhoods.

Details of any consultation exercises to determine the priorities for neighbourhood expenditure will be published here following the publication of the amendments to the CIL Regulations.

Monitoring CIL revenues and expenditure

The council has decided to allocate CIL revenues as part of its capital programme.

CIL Income and Expenditure

The Council is required to publish reports on the amount of Borough CIL collected and spent for each financial year before the 31 December following the end of the relevant financial year.  

For the financial year 2019/2020 and all subsequent years the Council must publish the Infrastructure Funding Statement, before the 31 December following the end of the relevant financial year. This includes income and expenditure relating to CIL and S106 contributions.