Where you can park on an estate

Parking signs give details of the area and times covered by parking enforcement.

You must:

  • Only park in the designated areas of the block / estate covered by your permit
  • Park within the marked bays, where these exist
  • Display a parking permit with the block/estate name and vehicle registration clearly visible

You must not:

  • Park in areas where road markings or signs indicate that parking is not permitted
  • Block access to emergency vehicles
  • Block footpaths, garages or store sheds
  • Cause an obvious obstruction
  • Park on grassed/communal areas
  • Transfer residents permits between vehicles

Otherwise you will receive a Penalty Charge Notice and your vehicle may be relocated regardless of whether you are displaying a permit.

Please note that if you rent a garage you should not park in front of it, on the forecourt or block access to any garages.

Permits are invalid if the vehicle is untaxed.

A Statutory Off the Road Notification (SORN) declaration is not recognised on estates covered by a Traffic Management Order (TMO).

If you change your vehicle new permit must be obtained before parking on a housing estate.

Estate parking permits are not valid in Controlled Parking Zones on the public highway. Similarly, permits for CPZs are not valid on housing estates.

Find out if your street or estate is covered by a TMO or by a CPZ.


If you have any questions about parking on housing estates, use our online form to Make a parking enquiry.