Apply for a parking bay suspension

Use this form to apply for the suspension of a domestic parking bay only. This form is not to be used for bay suspensions associated with skip materials or structure licences.

Before you start

Ensure you have read and understood the criteria for suspensions before completing and submitting this application form. You must also be aware of the information below, including your responsibilities, what happens after you submit your application, and  how to cancel or alter your licence.


We do not count Bank and Public Holidays or Saturday and Sundays as notification days, so you should take these into account when making a request.

  • You are required to apply five clear working days before you want the licence to start. The day of submission is not included in the notice period
  • Your application must be received by 3pm on the day of submission for it to be accepted for that day. If your application is received after this time it will be deemed as received the next working day therefore the start date will change

Your responsibilities

  • Once you submit your application it will be placed in pending for processing
  • All the information requested must be fully completed as we will return your application form if it is incomplete
  • Submission of the form is not an agreement or confirmation of the suspension request
  • Once the payment email has been sent to you, this is considered as application processed, an admin fee will apply at this stage
  • We will refuse applications if we deem the location is unsuitable
  • We will refuse applications if the bay has already been suspended by another applicant
  • The number of parking bays requested for the first day must remain the same for all consecutive days


All fees are valid from March 2024.

As of Friday 1 March 2024 we will be introducing a booking fee for all bay suspension applications.

Bay suspension Booking fee
10 working days' notice £75
7 working days' notice £85

This booking fee is non-refundable.

Suspension within a Controlled Parking Zone:

  • First Day: £39.60 (per 5 metre space)
  • Additional Consecutive Days: £32.10 (per 5 metre space)

Yellow Line Waiver (wavier subject to approval)/non CPZ suspensions:

  • £59.40 (First 5 metre space per day)
  • £59.40 (each additional 5 metre space per day)

The number of parking bays requested for the first day must remain the same for all consecutive days.

Administration charge for cancellations/alterations (one sign for every 15m suspended):

  • Admin fee: £58.30
  • Signage fee: £12.40 

What happens next

Suspension must be used for the purpose for which has been approved by the Council.

Parking may not be resumed if a job is completed earlier than anticipated as the bay remains suspended for the reason and duration shown on the sign.

Find out how we suspend parking spaces.

To report a parking violation in a suspended bay contact or call 0203 856 0142 outside of office hours.

We will not issue refunds on any suspensions which have been correctly signposted, and where the suspended bays were blocked by other motorists, skips, materials etc.

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Cancellations and alterations

View what to do if you need to cancel or alter a licence.