How we suspend parking bays

When it is necessary to suspend parking spaces this will normally be done by displaying a warning sign a minimum of three days (72 hours) before the suspension is due to start, and by leafleting cars in the immediate vicinity.

The regulations require that the suspension warning sign should be placed in or adjacent to the suspended area and this is usually done by displaying a yellow suspension sign on a post or lighting column (providing such a post is available).

Therefore, drivers should always check for suspension signs for the bay in which they are parked, which can be situated near to the front or rear of their vehicle, to find out whether a suspension applies. If a parking bay sign post is not available, suspension signs may be placed on the nearest street furniture (for example, a lighting column, telegraph pole, tree or in extreme circumstances a fence) to the suspended area.

Emergency suspensions

If a suspension relates to an emergency it is usually not be possible to provide advance warning.

Drivers should check for bay suspensions before parking, and each day if the vehicle is to be left for longer periods.

Parking in bay suspensions

You will:

  • Provide the name of the company if your vehicles are liveried
  • Provide the registration number if your vehicles are not liveried

Parking suspensions are granted for specific reasons and cannot be used for parking purposes only. This includes personal vehicles used for packing boxes before a removal or works vehicles working in private properties.

The suspended area is solely for the use of authorised vehicles to load and unload or authorised highway works vehicles.

Personal vehicles

Private/personal vehicles may not be used to save additional space as they will be subject to receiving a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) if sufficient space has not been booked for the suspension area required by the vehicle.

Unauthorised vehicles

To report a parking violation in a suspended bay contact or call 0203 856 0142 outside of office hours. 

Unauthorised vehicles parked in a suspended bay will be liable for a PCN and may be relocated to the nearest legal parking space.

We cannot guarantee the suspended space will be kept clear and will not issue refunds on any suspensions which have been correctly signposted, and where the suspended bays are blocked by other motorists, skips, materials etc.