Wandsworth teams up with Crimestoppers to keep young people safe 

Published: Tuesday, September 26, 2023

  • Community Safety Partnership works with charity’s young service, Fearless. 
  • Young people can anonymously report crime without fear of repercussions. 
  • Part of a range of work to keep Wandsworth residents safe from crime.

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Wandsworth has teamed up with the charity Crimestoppers to take a stand against the ‘no snitching’ culture and help keep young people safe. 

The Wandsworth Community Safety Partnership (CSP), made up of the council, police and other local partners, is working alongside Fearless, the dedicated youth service of Crimestoppers. 

Fearless supports young people to speak up about crime whilst staying completely anonymous. It gives non-judgmental advice and provides a safe place for young people who are worried about talking to the police to pass on what they know without saying who they are. 

Wandsworth and Fearless have launched a six week-long campaign funded by the CSP to raise awareness around common crimes affecting young people and challenging the common misperceptions around so-called ‘snitching’. 

The campaign encourages young people in the borough to speak up and be active bystanders so that they can give information about crime safely in their local community. 

A series of adverts will run across the boroughs using the stories of two young people who are worried about crime but do not want to be labelled a ‘snitch’ for speaking up. 

There will also be Fearless educational workshops held for professionals and partners who can then go on to talk about giving information 100 per cent anonymously when working with young people in the boroughs. 

Graeme Henderson, cabinet member for community safety at Wandsworth Council said: “We are delighted to work with Crimestoppers on the Fearless campaign. A priority of the Wandsworth Community Safety Partnership is to respond to violence, raise awareness and address the impact crime has on young people. 

“The fearless campaign is being launched specifically for young people to give them a safe, anonymous way of reporting crimes that impact them, including violence and robbery. Having insight of where and what our young people experience will help us target our resources and keep other young people safe.” 

Kate Stock, cabinet member for children said: “We want our young people to be happy, feel safe and reach their full potential. They should be free to go through their day without fearing crime, or the repercussions of reporting it. I welcome this partnership and urge any young victims of crime to get in touch.” 

Alexa Loukas, London Regional Manager for the charity Crimestoppers, said: “We hope this campaign will encourage young people to speak up and tell Fearless.org what they know, 100 per cent anonymously. 

“We understand it’s not easy and that young people may have concerns when it comes to speaking to the police. We’re determined to help and support young people to feel confident in sharing their concerns and by speaking up they can help make our schools, colleges and communities safer.” 

The partnership with Fearless is the latest in a string of initiatives by the council and Community Safety Partnership to build more resilient communities and reduce crime and the fear of crime. 

Others include extra investment to tackle crime, anti social behaviour and violence against women and girls, a relaunch of the Business Against Crime scheme, and a new ‘Safe Space’ in Clapham Junction town Centre.  

Information can be given via Fearless.org or by calling freephone 0800 555 111 at any time or via Crimestoppers-uk.org. The charity is independent of the police.