Together on nature

By maintaining our parks and open spaces by continuing planting trees as well as seeking opportunities for improvements that will benefit both the environment and the space.

What we are doing

Actions we are taking on nature:

  • Spending £100,000 on trees across the next two years including planting 1000 new trees and maintaining our existing tree stock of 62,000
  • Continuing our contract with Enable who maintain our parks and open spaces with their team of experts
  • Secured three more ‘Green Flags’, an award given to parks that are maintained to a high standard, making our total 8

 What you can do

Actions you can take:

  • Look after your garden if you have one
  • Help water council street trees in the summer
  • Do not pave over your front garden if you have one

Outcomes of our actions

  • Maintained and improved parks and green spaces
  • Reduced carbon emissions from tree absorption
  • Protection for our water and from flooding that trees provide by absorbing run off water
  • Protection for our eco-system and biodiversity that trees and green areas provide

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