Value for money

What we are doing

Providing the best possible services at the lowest possible cost to our residents has been the Wandsworth way for more than a generation.

Did you know that the average Londoner pays twice as much in Council Tax as Wandsworth residents? Overall people in Wandsworth pay the lowest Council Tax in the country.

Between 2008 and 2018, the average council tax bill went up by just 3% (£19). Compare that with the average increase to energy bills which have gone up by 50%, or £416.

We keep bills low and service quality high by making sure that as much money as possible goes on frontline services rather than overheads or administration.

For example, all our staff costs are shared with another council (Richmond Council) which keeps our overheads as low as possible, saying £10 million a year. Even before we shared staff costs with Richmond Council we have already saved £8 million a year by cutting senior management costs.

What we are doing next

  • Continuing to keep Council Tax bills as low as possible while protecting services for the vulnerable
  • Championing the right of EU Citizens living in Wandsworth by offering practical help and advice as part of a partnership with the Citizens Advice Bureau