More homes and greater housing choice

We want to help as many people as possible find a home that is right for them and their family, which is why we offer a range of products and help. In fact we think that the range of support that the council provides is unequalled in London. This ranges from grants to help our tenants buy a home on the open market, direct marketing of shared ownership homes to Wandsworth residents and workers and increasing the amount of low cost rented accommodation there is in the borough. We also know we need to cater for more particular needs so are supporting development of over 90 extra care homes which the Borough’s more vulnerable elderly will be able to rent.

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How are we doing it?

We are investing over £100 million to build new homes on council-owned land that are available to rent or buy in a way that is affordable.

We are already on track to deliver 1,000 new homes, with a forecast 60% of these homes being available for low-cost rent and purchase by those on average or below average incomes. The other 40% will be sold on the open market to help subsidise future house building with sales prioritised to people living in Wandsworth who want to own and rent.

We are also committed to exceeding housing delivery targets because we know without more homes the affordability gap will widen. This means working with the private and housing association sectors to deliver market and low cost housing, maximising opportunities for residents to purchase and rent, at prices they can better afford.

Our track record is impressive. Over the past three years 7,294 new homes have been built in Wandsworth. We have far exceeded our and the London Mayor’s targets on delivery of homes overall and in the delivery of affordable homes for both rent and part purchase.

What we are doing

Building 1,000 new homes

We are investing £150 million to build 1,000 new homes for people who live or work in the borough, the majority (60%) of which will be for households on average or below average incomes.

Improving our housing estates

We are building better homes for existing council tenants and resident leaseholders in Winstanley and York Road, along with new affordable housing, a new leisure centre with eight-lane swimming pool, children’s centre and redesigned open spaces with improved access to the wider area.

We are also bringing major improvements to the Alton estate and Roehampton town centre with better homes for existing council tenants, new housing, new shops and community facilities and better designed streets and open spaces.

Improving the quality of housing for local people

We are committed to providing the best possible housing service to the 33,000 households (roughly a third of the borough) who live in a council-managed property, either as a tenant or a leaseholder.

Up to 2020 we are spending £101.5 million on repairs and refurbishments of our housing stock. The works range from rewiring to installing new lifts and windows. Sprinkler systems will also be installed in all blocks that are more than ten storeys in height.

What we are doing next

Over the next five years we will:

  • Build 2,200 homes that are affordable, accelerating delivery to 5,500 over ten years
  • Invest £153 million on improving council housing in a way that exceeds national standards. This includes a commitment to further improve fire safety standards in our high rise blocks including making budget provision to retrofit sprinklers to meet the latest standards applied to new build housing.
  • Commit £230 million to contribute to the regeneration of the Alton estate in Roehampton and Winstanley and York Road estate in Battersea. Not only will 3,000 new homes be delivered, including the replacement of all social rent housing lost, but this includes provision of a new leisure centre, community facilities including libraries and significant environmental improvements. Facilities and regeneration that will benefit existing and new residents.
  • Continue the roll out of broadband on council-managed blocks
  • Appoint a Tenants’ Champion to speak out for tenants in the private rented sector on issues such as maintenance, agency fees and rent increases