Electric powered cargo bikes could soon be offered in a free to hire scheme

Published: Friday, March 11, 2022

Residents and businesses could soon be able to hire electric powered cargo-bikes under the terms of a deal being struck with eco-friendly bike company Peddle My Wheels.

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The council has been working with Peddle My Wheels since 2019 in a ‘Try Before You Buy’ scheme which gives residents and businesses discounts on bike purchases.

The council is now looking to build on that successful relationship by working with the company to offer residents and businesses the ability to hire E-cargo bikes at three proposed locations across the borough which could include Tooting, Battersea and Clapham Junction.

These electric cargo bikes would be available for hire via an mobile phone app to people who have signed up to the scheme and attended a short training and acquaintance session.

Residents and businesses would be able to hire these electric cargo bikes free of charge for the first two hours - and for just £5 an hour thereafter. The bikes can be used to transport parcels, shopping and other bulky items and are a simple, healthy and eco-friendly alternative to using cars or vans.

Transport spokesman Cllr John Locker said: “This is an exciting scheme that will make using a cargo bike a much more attractive and viable option for people and businesses who need to transport goods or equipment around the borough and want to switch from using their cars and vans to a more environmentally friendly option.”

And Cllr Kim Caddy who is the council’s climate change spokesman added: “This is an excellent initiative that will help improve air quality, reduce congestion on our roads and give local people and businesses the choice of a healthy transport option. It will help the council meet its commitment to tackle climate change in Wandsworth and become a carbon neutral organisation by 2030.”

E-cargo bikes are already in use in the borough as part of a scheme funded by the Department of Transport and managed in conjunction with the Cross River Partnership. This has led to three local charities, some small businesses and two council services using them on a regular basis instead of vehicles.

For more information about local cargo-bike opportunities visit the council’s website.