How we work with the voluntary sector

We are committed to working with the voluntary sector in a way that celebrates its contribution and impact.

Our approach

In 2022 we launched a new approach to working with the voluntary sector. This has included:

  • A series of events bringing organisations together and identifying ways we can work better together
  • A voluntary sector newsletter
  • A dedicated team who work closely across Council departments to strengthen partnership working
  • A voluntary sector partnership working group to support the strategic direction of our engagements with the voluntary sector

Voluntary sector needs analysis

As part of this new approach we have commissioned a voluntary sector needs analysis of the sector and other stakeholders. This will help us understand local needs of the voluntary sector and what they might need to continue evolving as strong, vibrant and sustainable organisations embedded in our communities.   

The needs analysis was focussed mainly around five key themes: leadership and advocacy, partnerships and collaboration, volunteering, organisational development and funding and resources. These themes are described on the National Association for Voluntary and Community Action website.  

The report was published just before the November 2023 Finance Committee meeting and three key actions were agreed:

  1. Reporting back and re-engaging the sector in order to develop a shared understanding of the findings and co-designing a partnership response to the needs analysis
  2. Committing to the co-production of a succinct voluntary sector and civil society strategy for Wandsworth which sets out the vision and shared commitments of all partners
  3. Co-developing the specification of a new VCS support service for Wandsworth which largely builds on the existing assets, infrastructure and support needs identified in this analysis

View the committee report and the needs analysis report.

We are now taking these recommendations forward, which started with the partnership event on 21 February. We will be learning from the needs analysis but importantly continuing the conversation with organisations to capture as many voluntary sector voices as possible.

View slides from February event.

Further information

If you have any queries, email the team: