Support for the voluntary and community sector

Wandsworth has an active and well developed voluntary sector with over 900 voluntary sector organisations offering a diverse range of services.

Find out how we approach our work with the sector including a recent needs analysis exercise to deepen our understanding of its needs.

Meet the team offering advice and support to the sector.

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Voluntary Sector Forum

Hosted by the Wandsworth Care Alliance, this open forum hosts guest presenters on topical issues.


To enquire and register please contact Ravi at

Grants and funding

There are many different grants and funds available to support the voluntary and community sector.

Safeguarding training

Information on registering online to access safeguarding training:

Data from DataWand

DataWand is a free and open website designed so that users can easily access local data relevant to the London Borough of Wandsworth. The data includes information on population, employment, the economy, health, social care, crime, housing, and the environment.

DataWand also has useful video tutorials that can help you learn the main functions and tools of the website.

If you have questions or would like to organise a training session, contact the Insight and Analytics Team on

More information

For more information on support for the voluntary and community sector, visit the Wandsworth Care Alliance website.