Local Plan: employment and industry review

Local Plan examination documents

We have compiled an index of documents related to the Wandsworth Employment and Industry Local Plan. These include correspondence, examination statements, the evidence base, and representor’s documents.


This page lists the examination documents, which include:

  • Correspondence with the Inspector
  • Examination statements from us, the Council, and other parties
  • Evidence supporting the Local Plan

The Programme Officer is responsible for ensuring that all documentation for the examination is recorded and made available to the public. When the Programme Officer makes these documents available, we will upload them to this page.

Inspector's documents 

Reference no. Document name
 ID-001 Inspector’s Preliminary Letter 
 ID-002 Issues and Questions
 ID-003 Draft Programme
 ID-004 Guidance Notes
 ID-005 Questions to Council in relation to new emerging London Plan

Council's documents

Reference no. Document name
 LBW-PR-001 Council Response to ID-001

Programme Officer's documents

Reference no. Document name
 PO-001 Introductory Letter
 PO-002 Cover Letter

Post submission documents

Additional information including that referred to in correspondence or hearing statements provided during the course of the examination.

Reference no. Document name
 PS-001 Wandsworth Local Plan Habitats Regulations Assessment, April 2015
 PS-002 Draft IAA Scoping Report for Consultation, August 2016
 PS-003 Screen Opinion email WBC to Natural England
 PS-004 List of Site Allocations in the WBC Employment and Industry Local Plan Review
 PS-005 Natural England Response 21 November 2017 
 PS-006 Local Development Scheme 2017

Examination Index

A complete list of the documents relevant to the examination is available in the Examination Index. This index is comprised of:

  • Examination documents as listed above
  • Submission documents sent to the Planning Inspectorate
  • All the post submission documents, including additional information referred to in correspondence and hearing statements provided during the course of the examination

The index also states the date that each document was submitted to the Planning Inspector or on which it was published as part of the examination process.


If you would like more information, or are having trouble downloading any of the documents, please contact the Local Plan Team.

Email: planningpolicy@wandsworth.gov.uk

Phone: 020 8871 6650

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