HMO licence fees

The current fee structure for an HMO licence was introduced by the Executive on 3 July 2017. You can read the full report on the decision to set these fees.  

There are two fees to pay:

  1. The fee on application covers the cost of administration and inspection. This payment is based on the number of rooms being let and should be made with the application – see table below
  2. The fee on grant of licence covers the cost of the overall management of the HMO licence. This payment is payable just before the licence is granted

Once a HMO licence is granted, a refund will only be given in exceptional circumstances at our discretion, as the fees are calculated to cover our costs, which may have already been incurred.

Standard HMO licence and re-licence fees
No. bedrooms ('units of accommodation' or 'households') Fee on application Fee on grant of licence Total fee
3 £860 £549 £1,409
4 £909 £549 £1,458
5 £957 £549 £1,506
6 £1,006 £549 £1,555
7 £1,054 £549 £1,603
8 £1,102 £549 £1,651
9 £1,151 £549 £1,700
10+ £1,199 £549 £1,748