Timeline for development of the Winstanley and York Road regeneration project

The regeneration scheme will be completed in phases so some parts of the estate will be rebuilt before others. New homes will be built before blocks are demolished, so households can move straight into their new permanent home in the regenerated area, except for those in Pennethorne House. This approach means that most tenants and leaseholders will only be required to move once.

Our aim is to deliver the scheme as quickly as possible, and the outline timeline below gives an approximate indication for the construction of the new homes.

Please note - this is an indicative programme only at this time before a detailed phasing plan is published.


February 2017

Taylor Wimpey appointed as Joint Venture partner.


November 2018

Midgard procured as main contractor for Phase 0

December 2018

Work begins on site for Phase 0


Autumn 2020

Offsites completed. Remaining residents from Pennethorne House move into new homes at Shuttleworth Road and Gideon Road

End 2020

Phase 0 complete. Residents from Scholey House, Kiloh Court and Jackson House move into one and two bed homes in Block A


Phase 1 complete. Remaining residents from Scholey House, Kiloh Court and Jackson House move into Block 5


Phase 2 complete. Residents from Arthur Newton House, Baker House and Holcroft House move into Block 6


Phase 3 complete. Remaining residents from Holcroft House move into Block 7


Phase 4 complete. Residents from Farrant House, Shepard House and Gagarin House move into Block 10


Phase 5 complete. Residents from Chesterton House move into Block 9


Phase 6 complete. Residents from Ganley Court move into Block 8