Criteria for shared ownership allocation

Applicants for our shared ownership scheme will always be assessed on their immediate need.

Wandsworth Priorities - category of applicants

Priority 1

Wandsworth Council tenants with a recognised medical need or living in overcrowded conditions and having a minimum of 150 points in the transfer queue, decants, essential repair cases, tenants under occupying and homeless persons.

Priority 2

All other Wandsworth Council tenants and tenants of housing associations currently occupying property within the Borough and serving armed forces personnel.

Priority 3

First-time buyers who currently live within the Borough and Wandsworth Shared Owners needing to move to a larger property and keyworker employees including those coming to work in the borough.

Priority 4

Existing Wandsworth homeowners who need to move, whose household income is less than £60,000 per annum and who cannot afford to buy on the open market. SSA employees and first-time buyers who work in Wandsworth but do not live in the Borough.

Priority 5

Wandsworth Shared Owners without a recognised need to move.

Priority 6

Applicants with a local connection but do not live or work within Borough. Evidence of a local connection will be required.

Bedroom entitlement

For example, a single person or a couple will get a one bed entitlement, whereas a couple with a child will get a two bed entitlement.

This does not prevent an applicant from applying for one bedroom more than their current need, but note that immediate need will always take precedence over future need.

House Purchase Grant 

Wandsworth Council Tenants may be entitled to apply for a House Purchase Grant (HPG) to use towards purchasing a shared ownership property. 

Contact us

If you need further clarification on our eligibility criteria please contact the Housing Initiatives team.