The ROSE Framework

The ROSE Framework is our approach to recommissioning accommodation-based care and support services for adults with a learning disability and/or autism. It will run until 2027.

Services covered

Through the ROSE Framework we will be buying services across four key service areas, also known as ‘lots’:

  • Residential care: long-term 24/7 care and support for adults who stay in a residential setting rather than their own home or family home
  • Outreach support: to help people to live independently in their own homes or with family
  • Supported living: when a person has their own flat or shares a house with other people and support is provided to them in their home. It can range from a few hours a week to 24/7 support depending on what support the person needs
  • Emergency placements: short-term support for people who need more help than usual because their circumstances have changed in an unplanned way

Each of the four service areas will be delivered in accordance with a specification (or Service Delivery Model) aligned with best practice in the specific service area. These service specifications have been informed by feedback from local stakeholders ensuring the needs of local people and partners are met.

We will be commissioning the majority of the learning disability accommodation and outreach placements/packages through this framework.

Note: planned respite (also known as short breaks) will not be commissioned though the ROSE Framework. We will be developing the service model for these services over the next year. We will want to involve parents/carers in designing these services and more information will follow.

Why this is needed

We have a statutory duty under the Care Act 2014 to support adults who are assessed as needing care and support to help them live their day-to-day life. For some adults with a learning disability this includes access to support and care to live in their home.

Key requirements of the Care Act 2014 that align with the principle of the ROSE Framework are:

  • Living in suitable, settled and sustainable accommodation
  • Living safely and being safeguarded against the risk of harm from others or themselves
  • Reducing inequalities and creating equal access to opportunities
  • Living locally and being an active citizen in their local community

Alongside national legislation, using a procurement framework ensures that our Adult Social Care corporate objectives are met, including:

  • Promoting independence and health and wellbeing outcomes
  • Enabling adults with a learning disability and their families to have greater choice and control over the care and support they receive
  • Ensuring the services provided are more integrated with local partners, to improve outcomes for residents


The ROSE Framework will provide greater choice for service users and their families/carers in accessing support to meet their assessed care and support needs.

It will allow us to comprehensively assure and standardise the quality of the services provided, and ensure the models of care and support and the cost of services are consistent and demonstrate good value for money.

The framework will ensure we follow the procurement regulations whilst aligning with the key principles of the Care Act 2014 and the borough's corporate objectives.

It will also benefit providers on the framework, as it will give them assurances about how much money is available, when they will get paid and the opportunity to win new work.

The framework will help save time and enable services to be purchased quickly instead of taking a lengthy process each time we need to buy a service on behalf of the people we support.

Impact on service users

Check how the framework will work for different service areas and the potential impact for people who are currently accessing services organised and paid for by the Council.

Residential care and supported living

Residential care and supported living services are currently either sourced on an individual basis or through a contract with a provider to deliver care and support at specific addresses.

Where residential care or supported living is provided outside of our current contracts, there will be no changes to existing care and support packages until there is an annual review of the care plan or until your loved one asks for their current package of support to be changed. New packages of support will be sourced from providers on the framework where possible.

For some addresses where residential care or supported living services are provided we currently have contracts with providers to deliver support for residents or tenants. To ensure the continuity of services at these addresses when the current contracts come to an end, we will run an additional process which will only be open to providers who have joined the framework. New contracts will begin in April 2024 for supported living, and in April 2025 for residential care.

We will be in contact in due course with all individuals who may be affected by this directly to share with them and their parent/carers more details about this process and how it may impact on how their care and support is provided if there is a change in provider. Where there is a change we will seek to work with people, their families and carers, the current provider and new provider to support a smooth transition of services.

For people who receive supported living services, any change made will not impact their tenancy rights.

Outreach support

Your loved one’s care and support package will not change until there is an annual review of the care plan or until they ask for their current package of support to be changed. New packages of support will be sourced from providers on the framework where possible.

If your loved one currently accesses outreach support from a provider who is not successful at joining the ROSE Framework and they wish to remain with that provider, they will be offered a direct payment to buy the services of their choice.

Emergency placements

Emergency placements are individually sourced, if and when your loved ones might need them. The framework will enable us to access these services quickly and ensure that they meet the required quality. Planned respite (short-breaks) will be recommissioned outside the framework.

Impact on service providers

All providers who currently provide accommodation-based services within the borough have been invited to join the ROSE Framework and apply for as many ‘lots’ as they feel they are able to offer. Providers who are not currently working in Richmond or who do not currently hold large contracts with us have also been invited to apply to join the ROSE Framework.

There is a process to join which includes responding to a number of questions about the way they will deliver services, support individuals to achieve goals and develop their independent living skills. This will enable us to be sure that the services offered meet a certain standard and are safe.

Providers will also be asked to tell us the cost of the services they will provide.


If you have further questions, please contact