Commissioning learning disability services

We want to ensure individuals with a learning disability have access to the support they need in their home and community, to improve their quality of life.

We are introducing a procurement framework approach, in order to deliver a vibrant offer that promotes choice and enables people to achieve their potential and be as independent as possible.

Procurement frameworks

When we purchase services we must follow procurement regulations. This is to ensure that we act in a fair, transparent and cost-efficient manner when awarding contracts, and to demonstrate we are spending public funds wisely.

A procurement framework is an approach to commissioning where we purchase services from a pre-approved list of providers that have demonstrated they meet certain standards. This is one way of ensuring the services we buy are safe for the people that are going to use them. It also gives both us and the provider certain assurances and agreements about how we should work together and our roles and responsibilities.

We are introducing two new frameworks to regularise and improve our provision of some services for people with learning disabilities:

Transfer of services to Balance Support

from 1 February 2024, Balance Support will be providing specialist place-based support previously provided by One Trust.

They will provide their main service from Church Lane which is a highly adapted environment with access to specialist equipment which is required to meet the needs of those with complex physical support needs.

More information about this service will be available on the Balance Support website once the service goes live.