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  • Please complete this form as fully as possible, explaining why you are dissatisfied or pleased with the service or response you have received. If it's a complaint, please tell us what you would like us to do to put it right.

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    How to make a noise complaint

    Please do not make a noise complaint using this form. Instead, please refer to our Noise pollution and control section for how to report noise pollution.

    Penalty Charge Notices (parking fines)

    How to appeal against a Penalty Charge Notice

    Please do not appeal a Penalty Charge Notice using this form as they are not processed as part of Wandsworth Council’s complaints procedure.Instead, you must follow a statutory appeals process. See appealing a Penalty Charge Notice or the back of your PCN for more information.

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    Please provide us with your telephone or mobile number or email address so that we can contact you should you require it. If you supply an email address we will be able to respond more quickly to your enquiry.

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    Depending on your enquiry, this could be for example, your planning application number, Council Tax number or benefits number.

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    We want to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and has equal access to our complaints procedure. We monitor our complaints to see that this is happening. You do not have to fill in this part of the form, but it may help us to improve our services. If you do not fill in this part of the form, it will not affect the way we deal with your complaint.

    The information you give us is strictly confidential and we will use it for monitoring and statistical purposes only.

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