What you can do to prevent crime

You can limit your risk of becoming a victim of a crime by taking precautions. Find out information about the steps you can take to keep yourself and your valuables safe.

If you are interested in playing your part to increase safety in your own neighbourhood, visit our Neighbourhood Watch page.

General advice on safety:

Crime prevention advice

To learn more about crime prevention visit MET Police website, you will find advice on:

  • Burglary and home security
  • Vehicle safety (including cars, motorcycles and bicycles)
  • Personal safety 
  • Business robbery

Crime statistics

You can find crime statistics for Wandsworth from Metropolitan Police Service.

Fraud and scams

There are various types of scams. Identity fraud or identity theft is where criminals find out your personal details and use them to open bank accounts and get credit cards, loans, benefits and documents such as passports and driving licences in your name.

Find out what to do if you have been a victim of an identity theft and how to prevent personal fraud.

Report fraud (MET Police)

Bogus callers

Bogus callers or distraction burglars are criminals who trick or con their way into your home. They may pretend to be on official business from the council or from utility companies, or they may claim to be workmen carrying out urgent repairs.

No cold calling zones were set up in an effort to deter bogus callers and/or rogue traders. You can view a list of streets currently included on the no cold calling scheme in Wandsworth.

Rogue Traders

Rogue traders are any company or individual who offers services on the doorstep, often with little or no means of identification, and go on to rip off their victims. If you are not sure if you were visited by a rogue trader, contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau.