Renew a special treatment establishment premises licence

A special treatment establishment licence is issued for one year. If you wish to continue providing special treatments you must apply to renew the licence.

An application to renew, together with the appropriate fee, must be submitted to us by the date of expiry of the existing licence. Failure to do so will mean that you will have to apply for a new licence, paying the new (higher) fee and completing the full application form.

We will usually try to contact you approximately one month in advance of the renewal date. However, responsibility for renewing the licence by the due date rests solely with the licence holder.

We will advise you of the correct fee based on the existing licensed treatments.

You may wish to take this opportunity to vary your licence to for example,. add treatments to your licence. If this is the case you will need to complete the correct application form and ensure that you pay the correct fee which may be different to the fee based on the existing licensed treatments.

If you wish to transfer the licence at this time then you will need to complete the correct application form but no additional fee will be required.

Make an application

An application can be made in one of two ways:


  • Complete the form online (GOV.UK)
  • Save a copy of the completed form for your own records
  • Make the payment of using a debit or credit card


You should note that the application process will not start until the fee is received.


You must include the correct fee with your application.

What happens next

We will check that the application is correctly completed and will send a copy to the Metropolitan Police and to the Fire Authority. 

If there is a problem

If there is a problem with the application, we may contact you for further information or return the application (or part of it) for your attention. Until these problems are solved your application is not valid and will not be processed.

Advertising your application

You may be required to advertise your application if advised to do so by the Council. If required, a notice must be put up at the premises and be displayed for at least 14 days.

View Notice of application for a licence

How long does it take to decide on an application?

There is a legal 28 day consultation period during which objections can be made. If we receive no representations within the 28 days we will grant your application as applied for. You may continue trading whilst the application is being processed.

However, if you wish to add treatments to the licence then you may not carry out these treatments until the application has been granted.

What happens if objections are received

Where a relevant objection is made, a hearing of our Regulatory Licensing Committee will be held to decide on the application. We will tell you about the arrangements for the hearing.

The decision

After the Regulatory Licensing Committee has heard all parties it will make its decision. It may:

  • Grant the renewal as applied for 
  • Grant the renewal but modify the conditions of the licence
  • Reject the whole or part of the application

This decision is usually made at the time of the hearing. This will be confirmed in writing with the reasons for the decision along with information on what you need to do if you want to appeal.


You can appeal to the local magistrates' court if you are dissatisfied with the decision. 

Viewappeal against a licensing decision for more information