Transfer a special treatment establishment premises licence

If you take over a business and wish to continue to carry out the treatments authorised by the licence in force at the premises then you must apply to transfer the premises licence.

Make an application

You can make an application in one of two ways:


  • Complete the form online (GOV.UK)
  • Save a copy of the completed form for your own record
  • Attach a letter from the current licence holder agreeing to the transfer of their licence or, if this is not possible, evidence of the right to occupy the premises  
  • Make the payment using a debit or credit card


You should note that the application process will not start until the fee is received.

Consent form

The current licence holder must provide evidence that they are happy to transfer the premises licence. If you are unable to obtain this consent because you cannot contact the existing licence holder you must submit evidence that you have the right to occupy the premises.


The application must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.

What happens next

As soon as we receive your application, we will check to ensure that the application is valid. 

If we identify a problem

If there is a minor problem with the application, we may contact you for further information or may return the application to you for correction. Where there is a fundamental error, the application may be rejected.

Notifying other authorities

We will send a copy of your application form to the Metropolitan Police and the Fire Authority. 

How long does it take to decide on an application?

There is a legal 28 day consultation period during which objections can be made. If we receive no representations within the 28 days, we will grant your transfer application.

What happens if objections are received

Where we receive relevant objections, we will hold a hearing of our Regulatory Licensing Committee to decide on the application. We will tell you about the arrangements for the hearing.

The decision

After the Regulatory Licensing Committee has heard all parties it will make its decision. It may:

  • Grant the application as applied for
  • Reject the application

This decision is usually made at the time of the hearing. This will be confirmed in writing with the reasons for the decision along with information on what you need to do if you want to appeal.


You can appeal to the local magistrates' court if they are dissatisfied with the decision. 

See appeal against a licensing decision for more information.