Applying for an alcohol and entertainment premises licence

A Premises Licence is a permanent licence, granted in respect of a specific location, which authorises the licence holder to carry on licensable activities. Once a licence is granted, unless a limited duration is specified in the application, a premises licence will be valid for the life of the business, or until it is surrendered or revoked.

A licence holder can apply to vary the terms and conditions of the licence at any time.

Where a premises creates problems which impact on any of the four licensing objectives, a licence can be called in for review by residents or responsible authorities.

An annual fee is payable on the anniversary of the grant of the licence.

Who can apply for a premises licence?

You can apply for a premises licence if you are:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • A company, partnership, or association
  • A recognised club
  • A charity
  • The proprietor of an education institution
  • A health service body
  • The chief officer of police
If applying as an individual or as a partnership which is not a limited liability partnership and you are resident in the United Kingdom you must have the right to live and work in the UK and not be subject to a condition preventing you from doing work relating to the carrying on of a licensable activity.

Applying for a licence

Premises licence

How to apply for a new premises licence to carry out licensable activities.

Designated premises supervisor

How to change the designated premises supervisor (DPS) on an existing licence and information about the role of the DPS.

Variation to a premises licence

How to apply for a variation to an existing premises licence, such as extending current activities, adding new activities, or making significant changes to the plans of the premises.

Minor variation to a premises licence

How to apply for a minor variation to an existing premises licence, such as small adjustments to licensing hours or to alter the layout of the premises.

Transfer of a premises licence

How to transfer an existing premises licence from one licence holder to another.

Interim authority notice

How to apply for an interim authority notice. A premises licence will lapse of the death, incapacity or insolvency of the holder. This notice allows the premises licence to continue for three months.

Notification of interest

How to notify us of your legal interest in a property.

Changes in the details of an existing licence

How to notify us of minor changes to an existing licence, such as a change in the name of the premises or changes to a licence holders address.

Annual fee

How to make a payment of the annual continuation fee for a premises licence.

Other authorisations

Club Premises Certificate

A Club Premises Certificate is a specific type of licence, only available to members clubs. They can be used to carry on any of the above-mentioned licensable activities.

Personal licence

A Personal Licence authorises individuals to supervise the sale of alcohol where a premises licence is in force.

Temporary Event Notice

A Temporary Event Notice can be used to authorise small-scale events on a one-off or occasional basis involving no more than 499 persons.