Corporate, Statutory and Ombudsman complaints privacy notice

How the Corporate Statutory and Ombudsman Complaints teams use and share your data.

This departmental privacy notice should be read in conjunction with the Council's corporate privacy notice.

Using your data

Reasons for using your data:

  • To carry out investigations into your complaint
  • To provide a response and agree appropriate actions
  • To learn from the experience and to inform change in policy and/or process
  • To provide a response to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman or the Housing Ombudsman in relation to an investigation they may conduct into your complaint once you have completed the Council’s complaints process
  • Accessibility – to ensure the complaints service we provide is available to all residents
  • Equality monitoring

Why we are allowed to use your data

Legal obligation or public task under various UK laws including but not limited to:

  • The Local Government Act 1974
  • The Localism Act 2011
  • The Equality Act 2010
  • Freedom of information Act 2000
  • Environmental Regulation 2004
  • Data Protection Act 2018
  • UK General Data Protection Regulation 2018
  • The Children Act Representations Procedure (England) 2006 Regulations
  • The Children Act 1989
  • The Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009

Obtaining and sharing your data with others

We collect your personal data from you, or from others (e.g. council staff in other departments or external organisations or individuals) who inform us of matters relevant to this service area.

We may share your data with:

  • Council Departments responsible for responding to the complaint including shared services
  • Other commissioned partners or third-party contractors that provide services on our behalf and will need to respond separately to the complaint
  • Investigating Officers who will lead a Stage 2 Statutory complaints investigation
  • Independent Persons who ensure the Stage 2 Statutory investigation is open, transparent and fair
  • Independent Panel Members in a Statutory Stage 3 Review Panel
  • National regulators such as the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, Housing Ombudsman Service and the Information Commissioner’s Office should you complain to them
  • Other Local Authorities
  • Elected Members and MPs (as your representative)
  • NHS bodies where appropriate to ensure a co-ordinated response to the complaint

Using your data to make automated decisions

We do not use your data to make automated decisions.

Data sent to countries outside of the EEA

Generally, the Council will not process your personal data outside of the UK or the EEA. In exceptions where we do, we will ensure equivalent data protection controls are in place.

Further information

To see what data is collected and how to exercise your rights to your data, please read our corporate privacy notice.