Equality objectives 2021 to 2025

We have set five equality objectives for the period 2021 to 2025.


1. Identify key factors contributing to poor health outcomes and missed opportunities for good health in Wandsworth, through the refresh of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and take forward actions to address them.

2. Ensure all our children have the best start in life by narrowing the gap from foundation stage for the most vulnerable groups, especially:

  • Black African, Black Caribbean, Mixed White and Black Caribbean pupils
  • White British disadvantaged boys
  • Children receiving pupil premium
  • Children Looked After

This will be through a bespoke programme of support for schools and Private Voluntary Independent Nursery settings that takes into account children’s readiness for learning, mental health and wellbeing programmes. Support will be provided to schools to identify and address disproportionality, especially for Black African, Black Caribbean, Mixed White and Black Caribbean pupils and White British disadvantaged boys.

3. Support our residents to get on in life by providing advice and support for them to engage in employment opportunities. This shall be achieved specifically through our Work Match programme, identifying residents who are most in need of support or who are not accessing support and development programmes. Target groups currently include:

  • Residents over 45
  • Younger residents
  • Those from minority ethnic groups.

4. Tackle violence against women and girls by developing and delivering a new Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy including a co-ordinated community response to domestic abuse, harmful practices including so-called Honour-Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), sexual violence and the safety of women in public places.

5. As a key contribution to making Council services accessible to all in the community, to support management initiatives to ensure staff at all levels are representative of the residents we serve and that the views and experiences of all staff are valued and considered. This includes participation in the Workforce Race Equality Standard.

Reporting on the objectives

These objectives have been incorporated into our Key Issues and progress against them will be reported to Councillors and published as part of our Progress Reports every six months.

Detail on why these objectives were chosen.

Mainstreaming equality

Equality is not limited to the published objectives. Our long standing approach of mainstreaming equalities means officers take responsibility for implementing the Public Sector Equality Duty as part of their core day to day role.