2016 Mayor of London and London Assembly election results

About the elections

The Mayor of London and London Assembly elections took place on Thursday 5 May 2016.

There were three separate elections:

  • the London Mayor, for which voters had a first and second choice vote (counted via the whole of London)
  • Greater London Assembly London-wide members (counted via the whole of London)
  • Greater London Assembly constituency members (counted via the London assembly constituency of Merton and Wandsworth)           

Election of a member of the London Assembly a constituency member for the Merton and Wandsworth constituency

I, Paul Martin, being the Constituency Returning Officer for this election, do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each Candidate is as follows:

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Number of votes
COOPER, Leonie Alison Labour Party 77,340
DEAN, David The Conservative Party Candidate 73,039
HYYRYLAINEN-TRETT, Adrian James London Liberal Democrats 10,732
JONES, Elizabeth Eirwen UK Independence Party 8,478
KULENDRAN, Vallipuram Independent 1,142
OBIRI-DARKO, Esther Green Party 14,682


The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows: Number:
(a) want of official mark 0
(b) voting for more Candidates than voter is entitled to 262
(c) writing or mark by which voter could be identified 2
(d) unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 1,778
Total number of rejected papers: 2,042


Vacant Seats: 1 Electorate: 374113 Ballot Papers Issued: 187460 Turnout: 50.11%

And I do hereby declare that the name of the candidate elected is: Leonie Alison, COOPER.

Paul Martin, Returning Officer