Street cleaning

When streets get cleaned

  • All public streets are swept thoroughly at least once a week.
  • Weekly sweeping in each street occurs on the day after split-back dustcarts collect rubbish and recycling sacks, ensuring that any spillage is quickly cleared.
  • Some busier streets, mainly in Battersea and Tooting, also receive a litter clearance service three or four days after the scheduled sweeping.
  • The busiest residential streets are swept daily.
  • The busiest town centre streets and main roads are swept between one and six times daily, between 6am and 8pm.
  • Check when a public street is cleaned.

What gets cleaned

Sweeping service

This removes all litter, rubbish, fouling, small fly tips (up to 2 cubic metres) plus leaves, grit, stones, and any weeds over 10cm high. Streets should be free of all these items immediately after the work has been completed.

Litter clearance service

This removes all litter, rubbish, fouling and small fly tips (up to 2 cubic metres). Streets should be free of litter immediately after the work has been completed.

Rapid response clearance

  • The rapid response service removes reported fly tips, dead animals, oil spillages, broken glass and debris from traffic accidents.
  • Clearance should happen within an hour during normal office hours if the item poses a significant risk to the public, or within two hours at other times.
  • Clearance of other items should occur by the end of the next day.

Streets running through council managed housing estates

To request litter or fly-tip clearance or to report a problem, please contact Housing.

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Request street cleaning (Add a space when entering your postcode).

Report It app

Report issues like flytipping and graffiti with your smartphone using the Report It app.

You can take a photo, check location (detected automatically) and give details of the issue. It is available for:

Did you know?

Our street cleaning contractor sweeps 2,000 km of streets each week.

Find out more about our street cleaning performance.