Wandsworth/GLL Heritage Awards for Schools

For the fifth year running, children at the borough’s schools are being urged to take part in the Wandsworth/GLL Heritage Awards for Schools competition.

The competition is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils and there are two award categories: 

  • Best Class
  • Best Individual

The winners of each category will secure a cash prize of £750 for their school.

The competition is designed to inspire greater knowledge of and interest in the borough's rich history and heritage, help young people develop a sense of place, and promote teamwork.

Cash prizes are sponsored by Greenwich Leisure Limited, a not-for-profit charitable social enterprise who run our library and heritage services.

Awards ceremony

The prize money, along with specially designed medals and certificates, will be presented by the Mayor of Wandsworth at a special Town Hall Awards ceremony.

How to enter

Submissions must be related to the history of Wandsworth (for example, the history of the Alton Estate, how and why have our local shops changed? or Wandsworth in wartime).

Submissions can be within one of the two categories:

  • Best Class – As a class (minimum 5 students), submit a piece of work with both written and visual elements.
  • Best Individual – Submit either a written or visual piece of work.
Submissions should include: 
  • A written element in the form of an essay, short story, poem or song for example
  • A visual element in the form of a piece of art, short video or photography for example

The deadline for entry is Friday 7 June 2019.

To find out more about the competition and to submit your entries email libraries.administration@gll.org.